Liberia Marathon

The Liberia Marathon consists of three races in one. The event includes a full marathon, a 10K foot race and a 10k race for persons on wheelchairs or crutches. Runners of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to participate in any race.

PHONE:           +231886670426



The volunteers are the backbone of the Liberia Marathon.  The race would and could not exist without the hundreds of volunteers who enthusiastically commit their time and energy to make the event happen.

Students, young professionals, first aid and medical volunteers, medical doctors – everyone walks an extra mile and makes sure that all athletes will have an unforgettable day. 

Do you like to work with other wonderful people and want to be part of a remarkable event? 

Then become a volunteer and support us during the preparation (e.g. the registration, the procurement and the logistics) for the race and on race day itself.

Please send us a brief email to with your full contact details (name, first name, email, phone number with WhatsApp if available) and your location in Liberia. Please also indicate if you have volunteered with the Liberia Marathon before. 

We really appreciate your interest and will reach out when the respective activities start. Thank you so very much – you will help to make the race continue!