Liberia Marathon

The Liberia Marathon consists of three races in one. The event includes a full marathon, a 10K foot race and a 10k race for persons on wheelchairs or crutches. Runners of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to participate in any race.

PHONE:           +231886670426


RACE Announcement 2024

Race Date: The next Liberia Marathon shall take place in fall 2024. The specific date has not been set yet. Keep an eye here and on our social media. 

Race Venue: Monrovia, Liberia. 

Race Categories: 

  • Full Marathon (42.2k / 26.2miles) – minimum age is 18 years 
  • Half-Marathon (21.1k/ 13.2miles) – minimum age is 16 years
  • 10k Footrace – minimum age is 14 years
  • 10k race for athletes in Wheelchairs: 
  • 10k race for athletes on Crutches
Cut-Off Times: 
The full marathon has a cut-off time of six (6) hours. Please contact the race organizers if you feel you need more time. 
The half marathon has a cut-off time of four (4) hours.
The 10k races have a cut-off time of 3,5 hours.

Registration fees 

Registration fees will be announced later.

Race Course

The Liberia Marathon race course is an AIMS-certified course and hence recognised by World Athletics as accurately measured course for all three distances. All races will take place on the same race course with different starting areas. All races will finish at the same finish line at SKD Sportscomplex in Paynesville.

Full Marathon: Start from the SKD Sportscomplex area (round course)

Half Marathon: Start from the Freeport area

10k races: Start from JFK Hospital area

Please see here for a map and more details on the race course.

About the Liberia Marathon

This one word that today defines both Liberia and the Liberia Marathon is potential. As Liberia’s story of progress and development is not yet complete, nor is the Liberia Marathon’s – it is just starting. The Liberia Marathon 2024 will lift the race to new levels by growing bigger and better and adding new exciting features as drivers of progress while maintaining and institutionalizing proven success factors. 

The Liberia Marathon has always been a race for all Liberians to join. No matter your age and gender, no matter your income or previous running experience – please come and sign up. Competitions for disabled athletes in wheelchairs and on crutches have also been an established component of all the Liberia Marathon editions and will continue to do so. 

Globally, the female participation in road races is finally increasing and the Liberia Marathon is keen to follow the trend. In 2022 race, 23% of the finishers were women. This number shall further increase. The Liberia Marathon Trust makes efforts to attract female participation in all races and cannot wait to cheer many women over the finish line.

Any of the Liberian Marathon editions so far has impressed by its high standards. Accurate time measurement is provided through a chip timing system, which allows any finisher to have official evidence of their performance. Attendance of athletes from the region and beyond is promoted and the guests are warmly welcomed in the country.