Liberia Marathon

The Liberia Marathon consists of three races in one. The event includes a full marathon, a 10K foot race and a 10k race for persons on wheelchairs or crutches. Runners of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to participate in any race.

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ready for 2022 - Run with us on August 21!

The Liberia Marathon 2022 will take place on Sunday, August 2021. Thousands of Liberian runners are thrilled to get back on the road. Once again, it will be a race from Liberians for Liberians, affordable and inclusive, welcoming all athletes to the race, no matter if young or old, female or male, amateur or elite, if in wheelchair or on crutches. Registration is open until August 14 - don't hesitate and sign up right now! All info in the registration header. And of course, follow us on social media for latest updates.

Meet and learn the stories of some of the previous winners of the Liberia Marathon.

The marathon is an inclusive, uplifting public event created to celebrate Liberia’s developing success story.

Whether you're a rookie or expert athlete, a set training schedule will help you reach your goal.

View about some of the current and previous sponsors who have made the Liberia Marathon possible.

Our event includes a full marathon, a 10K foot race and a 10k race for persons on wheelchairs or crutches.

Registration for both the full marathon and the 10k can be done easily. The race is open to everyone.

Our brand-new race report is here!

On November 28, 2021, the Liberia Marathon 10k Race took place in the Liberian capital Monrovia. More than 1,000 participants proudly crossed the finish line at the national stadium. It was a spectacular event. The Race Report is a great testimonial of the day, carries the spirit of the race through the pages and provides a great introduction into what the Liberia Marathon is all about.

Miles Done


Good luck to the Liberia Marathon. Through this marathon you can transfer a message of peace to all Liberians; this sport brings you peace, this sport brings you everything!

Haile Gebrselassie, Olympic Long Distance Champion and World Record Setter


As Liberia continues to build its country anew, to create the future that its people deserve, this marathon is an embodiment of the spirit of peace, unity and achievement that is guiding your great country forward.

Bill Clinton, Former President of the USA


I train twice a week, I love to run. Joy is my name and when I run, I feel joy in my heart.

Joy Kollie, Two-Time Liberia Marathon 3rd place winner


Liberia has made fantastic progress over the past few years; I'm a great supporter and admirer of the country. The Liberia Marathon gives Liberia a chance to show its unity, its progress, and to provide a day of excitement and opportunity for everyone.

TONY BLAIR, Former Prime Minister of the UK

The Course

Circling Monrovia City, the marathon course has slight changes in elevation and sweeping views of the city and ocean, making it one of the most unique on the international runners circuit.


We need volunteers who are interested in helping with logistics, finance, sponsorship, event planning and every other area of holding a large-scale event.

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