Liberia Marathon

The Liberia Marathon consists of three races in one. The event includes a full marathon, a 10K foot race and a 10k race for persons on wheelchairs or crutches. Runners of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to participate in any race.

PHONE:           +231886670426



Our fantastic organising team puts all their efforts into turning the Liberia Marathon Race Series 2021/2022 into a rousing success. Everyone’s commitment is so highly appreciated.


The organising team is headed by the Race Director who jointly with the Assistant Race Director is supervising all activities.

Please meet our Race Director Team:

Race Director Harris S. Momoton

Harris is the Race Director for the Liberia Marathon Race Series 2021/2022. His experience as a medal winning runner in the 2rd edition of the Liberia Marathon in 2013 and also as physical fitness trainer relating to his ambition in tracking new ideas in life rewarding activities has served as a motivational force to take on this challenge.  Harris is convinced that Liberia needs a marathon to showcase the country’s talent and just to get every Liberian, especially the youth, into running. His vision as Race Director is to stage a running event for all Liberians, elite runners and amateurs, and further develop a long-distance racing culture in the country.

Harris is also the successful founder and manager of the Inter-Digital Group of Companies. Building up his own business from scratch equips him with the necessary expertise, determination and endurance to stage a fabulous Liberia Marathon Race Series together with the organizing team. 

Harris is passionate and self-directed with ambitious lifestyles. He loves exploring new ideas by following life experience stories of successful people as motivational tools for his personal goal achievement. Harris is a family-oriented person who believes in family value. His metaphysical thinking is “It Virtuous to work like a servant for yourself and later live like a King in the Future”.

Assistant Race Director Massa Mamey Clarke

Massa Mamey Clarke is a Public Health professional, a yoga instructor and a health and wellness enthusiast. Massa, a former athlete, loves being active and meeting new people. She is passionate about helping people take care of their mental health by encouraging and inspiring others to exercise, eat well and or practice yoga.  Massa loves being happy and spreading positive energy. 

Massa strongly believes that one of the multiple reasons that God has her on earth is to help people heal both physically and mentally through yoga. She thinks that all individuals can make an impact and contribute to change by being kind, inspiring others and being a positive role model. Massa is a fun, exciting and energetic individual who thinks that having a “home

base” is a great way to stay grounded and create time and space to reflect and learn more about ourselves. 

As Assistant Race Director of the Marathon, Massa is keen on seeing as many Liberians as possible to engage in the joy of running. Despite being a track running specialist herself, she is fascinated by long-distance running and wants to encourage in particular fellow females not to shy away, but get their feet on the road.