Liberia Marathon

The Liberia Marathon consists of three races in one. The event includes a full marathon, a 10K foot race and a 10k race for persons on wheelchairs or crutches. Runners of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to participate in any race.

PHONE:           +231886670426


Become a Supporter

Corporate support is a crucial component of the Liberia Marathon success story. The realization of an accessible and inclusive race is built in strong partners who share the vision of a quality, inclusive and uplifting road race in the county and the mutual benefits. The Liberia Marathon enjoyed terrific relationships with all our funding partners, including all the corporations and organizations that provided either financial or in-kind support to this special event.

Being a sponsor of the Liberia Marathon 2023 provides for strong and unique value proposition. Recovering from the global COVID-19 pandemic and its local effects, a partnership with the Liberia Marathon helps to increase visibility and build brand recognition in the country and beyond. All Liberia Marathon supporters experience a great return of their support, including branding on all promotional materials, visibility and presence on various social media channels and mentioning in national and international press.

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