Liberia Marathon

The Liberia Marathon consists of three races in one. The event includes a full marathon, a 10K foot race and a 10k race for persons on wheelchairs or crutches. Runners of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to participate in any race.

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EVeryone has the right to race

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“It was one of the best days of my life by reaching the finish line.”

(Frank S. Dorbor, finisher of the 10k race in November 2021)

The Liberia Marathon is the ONLY official road-running event in Liberia. It is an inclusive race for all Liberians no matter their gender, age or income. Athletes in wheelchairs and on crutches also participate.

The next Liberia Marathon race day is planned for 2022 and and expects a record number of 2,000 runners. To keep access to the race affordable for everyone, the entry fees are very low. They are not enough to cover the expenses for a safe, secure and professional race. We need your support to make this race happen.

Because it only takes one race to make a difference for thousands.


Sports have a positive impact on physical and mental health. It creates a strong sense of belonging and promotes mutual respect, fairness and tolerance. It boosts self-confidence and creates unimaginable positive energy for everyone involved.

But access to sports is nothing to be taken for granted. While in many parts of the world, people can sign up for sport clubs and sports events at any time, people in Liberia cannot.

The Liberia Marathon resumed its activities in November 2021 with a big 10k race – the first one in six (!) years. One thousand finishers proudly crossed the finish line from all corners of Liberian society.

The next Liberia Marathon is planned for 2022 and will include the full-marathon distance (26.2 miles), a half-marathon (13.1 miles) and 10k races. Entrance fees will be as low as max. 5 USD to keep the race affordable and accessible for everyone.

This race is the only chance for Liberian elite runners to compete in a long-distance race and get prepared for the international arena. It is the only chance for thousands of Liberian amateur and fun runners to experience the joy of running together and the amazing individual achievement of crossing that finish line.

With an expected average cost of 40 USD per participant in order to organize a high-quality secure and safe race, your support is needed. This amount may sound high, but is actually below average for a safe, secure, and above all, professional race on global standards. Also giving the participants access to official chip-timed results, providing access to the international stage.

“It wasn’t easy. I never imagined myself engaging into such sporting activity. But I did it and it’s a motivation that anything is possible!” (Malema, female finisher)

Please support our crowdfunding campaign for the race 2022!

Liberia Marathon 2022. The Race Continues. With your Support. We are ever so grateful for any amount.